Customer Queue Management Made Easy
No business likes hearing their Customers say, "why do I have to wait in line for so long!" Silence that complaint in 15 minutes with Qender Mobile Queue. With just a couple of taps, you can provide world class Customer Service that sends loyal Customers raving about your business ...
Why is Qender Mobile Queue better?

Do you have customers who hate being stuck in your waiting area?

Today's customers expect good service and value their time. Qender Mobile Queue lets offer your customers the option to wait anywhere.

For your customers who prefers not to be stuck in line, your service will be special and worthy of coming back and telling their friends.

Qender Mobile Queue is a mobile queue app, created especially for doctors, salons, barbershops and other small retail businesses, to let customers wait anywhere via a free iPhone app. You can self-install in minutes and manage a customer in seconds.

  • Created To Suit Your Business

    Install and use Qender in less than an hour. Serve each walk-in customer with just 2 taps.
  • Offer Amazing Service

    Your customers will be amazed and delighted with the ability to wait anywhere instead of being stuck in line.
  • For A Business Who Cares and Prospers

    You care about your customers and you know the secrets to a successful business. Qender lets you do the little things that meant the world to your customers.

Companies can boost profits as much as 255% by retaining merely 5% more of their existing customers.

Bain & Company

"Attracting new customers will cost your company 5 times more than keeping an existing customer."

Forbes Magazine

"Improved customer satisfaction drives repeat business."

Ken Blanchard, author of 'Raving Fans'

Customer loyalty drives good profits and true growth.

Fred Reichheld - widely recognized world's leading authorities on business loyalty.

"The Qender solution is very fast, simple and convenient."

Luiz Chavez, Lima, Peru

"I will use Qender frequently."

Andy C., customer, Malaysia
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